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Dr. Abayomi O. Ige

Abayomi O. Ige
Name: Dr. Abayomi O. Ige

Email: aby_ige@yahoo.com
Department: Physiology

Brief Biography:


International Junior Research Grant, 2010

1. O.O Akande, A.R.A Alada, G.A. Aderinokun, A.O Ige: Efficacy of Different Brands of Mouth Rinses on Oral Bacterial Load Count in Healthy Adults. African Journal of Biomedical Research vol. 7, No 3 Sept. 2004: 125 – 128.

2.Elsie O. Adewoye, Samuel B. Olaleye, Abayomi O. Ige: Acid Secretory Response and Electrolyte Composition of Gastric Juice in Diabetic rats.  African Journal of Biomedical Research vol. 10, No 2 May 2007: 145 – 152.

3.Adewoye E.O, Ige A.O, Adeyanju O, Bekibele E.B.: Effect of diet of Varying Protein concentrations on the Activity of Erythrocytes Membrane Ca2+Mg2+ ATPase in Dogs.  Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences vol. 25 No. 1 January 2010: 67 – 72.

4.Adewoye E.O, Arokoyo D.S., Ige A.O: Effect of Oestrogen and Sodium Chloride on Fasting Blood Sugar and Weight gain in Female Diabetic Rats.. African Journal of Biomedical Research 13 (2) 2010: 123 - 131

5.Obembe O.O, UKwenya V.O, Ige A.O, Oyeyipo I.P, Fasanmade A.A.: Prenatal exposure of pregnant rats to cigarette smoke and nicotine: effects on Nitric oxide and fasting glycaemia in treated and untreated neonates with Vitamin C. Rev Electron Biomed / Electron J Biomed 2010: 3:16-20

6.Abayomi A.I, Adewoye E.O, Olaleye S.B, Salami A. T: Effect of Magnesium Pretreatment on Alloxan induced Hyperglycemia in rats. African Health Sciences 2011: 11(1): 483 – 489

7.Adewoye E.O, Ige A.O, Latona C.T.: Effect of Methanolic extract of Musa sapientum leaves on Gastrointestinal transit time in Normal and Alloxan induced Diabetic rats. Possible Mechanism of Action. Nig J. Phsiol 26: 83 – 88.

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Email: aby_ige@yahoo.com

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