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Dr. Abimbola M. Obimakinde

Abimbola M. Obimakinde
Name: Dr. Abimbola M. Obimakinde

Email: tolutammy@yahoo.com
Department: Community Medicine

Brief Biography:

(a)   Completed






University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Illness intrusiveness of Sickle Cell Disease on family care-givers and patients

Principal Investigator


Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH)

Family environment and Adolescent sexuality amongst adolescent patients attending the Peadiatrics and General Out-Patient Clinic



University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria

Communication skills and breaking bad new among residents, medical

students and nurses



Lagelu/Akinyele LGA Ibadan, Oyo state

Health indices of school pupils

Principal Investigator


Community comprehensive health centre in Ibadan

Pattern of disease presentation

Principal Investigator


University College Hospital Ibadan

Empathy-as component of herapeutic doctor-patient relationship among                 Medical doctors



University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Application of a Patient-Centered Clinical Method tool ("FIFE") in the Family Medicine department



Geopolitical zones of Ibadan Nigeria.

Physical and Mental Health of Teachers



University of Ibadan in Family Medicine

Does Clinical Clerkship Affect the Perceptions and Interest of Medical Students


(b) In Progress

      i.Multimorbidity and cognitive impairment in HIV-positive and HIV-negative elderly patients attending the Infectious Disease Institute and Geriatric center of the University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria. (MEPI-NIH research grant-award Number: D43TW010140). This study was conceived on account of the fact that most elderly patients have more than two chronic diseases (i.e. multimorbidity) which may affect their cognitive ability over a course of time, especially for the elderly who are HIV-positive. This study aims to evaluate one-year incident risk of dementia as well as the association between cognitive impairment and multimorbidity in the elderly patients, comparing those living with HIV with those living without HIV. This is a longitudinal, 3 wave research design. Data collection for the research    commenced in March, 2018(1st wave), second wave (6th month follow-up) data collection is ongoing and last wave (1year follow-up) will commence March 2019. Preliminary reports of analysed data from 1st wave is in progress. (Role: Principal Investigator).


(c) Project, Dissertation and Thesis:

Undergraduate:  Community awareness of general hygiene among rural dwellers in Igbo Ora Ibarapa LGA, Oyo State (In part fulfilment for the award of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB; BS) Ibadan. 2000.

Postgraduate: Perceived parenting styles and adolescents’ mental health amongst school going adolescent in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria. MSc. Child and Adolescent Mental health (CAMH). Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CCAMH). University of Ibadan. 2016.

            Professional: Family Dynamics in somatizing patients presenting to the General Out-Patient Department of  The University College Hospital, Ibadan. Fellowship dissertations submitted to the West Africa College of Physicians Faculty of Family Medicine.2010.


(a) Books Already Published: Nil

(b) Chapters review, in Book Already Published:






Ayosanmi, S., Obimakinde, A.M., Aina F.O, Oluwayemi, I.O. and Awoleke, J.O. 

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(c) Articles that have already appeared in Refereed Conference Proceedings: Nil                                                                                                             

(d) Patent: Nil   

(e) Articles that have already appeared in learned journals: 





Vol: pages


Obimakinde O.S, Okoje V.N, Ijarogbe O.A, Obimakinde A.M

Role of patients’ demographic characteristic and spatial orientation in predicting operative difficulty of impacted mandibular third molar.

Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research

3: 81-84


Obimakinde A.M, Ladipo M.M.A, Irabor A.E

Family dynamics in somatizing patients presenting to general outpatient clinic.

Nigerian Journal of Family Physician

59: No 3, 29-33


Fadare J.O, Obimakinde A.M, Afolayan J.M, Popoola S.O, Aduloju T, Adigun P.T

Healthcare workers knowledge and attitude towards palliative care in an emerging tertiary centre in South West Nigeria.

Indian Journal of Palliative Care



Fadare J.O, Obimakinde A.M, Afolayan J.M, Popoola S.O, Aduloju T, Ogundipe K.O

Perception of Nurses about palliative care; Experience from South-West Nigeria.

Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research

No 5:723-7


Aina F.O, Akinboboye O.O, Adeleke O.E, Obimakinde A.M, Ahmed L.A, Immarhiagbe F.A

Is There Any Benefit of Traditional African Family System and Values in Dietary Management of Diabetes in A Tertiary Health Institution in A Semi Urban Setting, South West Nigeria?

International Journal of Health and Psychology Research

2: No 2,21-30.


Obimakinde A.M, Ladipo M.M.A, Irabor A.E

Symptomatology and Comorbidity of Somatization Disorder Amongst General Outpatients Attending a Family Medicine Clinic in South West Nigeria

Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine

12: No. 2 ,96-102


Omoya S.O, Obimakinde A.M, Fasuba O.B, Olomojobi O.G, Alao O.O, Alabi O.O

Cervical cancer screening with LUVIVA spectrophotometry machine for early detection of cervical dysplasia: Experience from Ekiti State. Nigeria.

Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

31: No 2, 82-89


Obimakinde AM, Ladipo MM, Irabor AE.

Familial and socio-economic correlates of somatisation disorder.

African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine.



Fadare J.O, Desalu O.O, Obimakinde A.M, Adeoti A.O, Agboola S.M, Aina F.O

Prevalence of Inappropriate Medication prescription in elderly in Nigeria; A comparison of BEERS and STOOP criteria.

International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine

27: 177-189


Fadare J.O, Ajayi A.E, Adeoti A.O, Desalu O.O, Obimakinde A.M, Agboola S.M

Potential Drug-Drug Interactions among elderly patients on Antihypertensive Medications in two Healthcare facilities in Ekiti State, South-West Nigeria.

Sahel Medical Journal

19: 32-7


Ilori T, Ladipo M.M.A, Ogunbode A.M, Obimakinde A.M

Knee osteoarthritis and perceived social support amongst patients in a Family Medicine clinic.

South African Family Practice

58: No. 6, 202-206


Obimakinde A.M, Omigbodun O,O, Adejumo A, Adedokun B.

Perception of parenting style by in-school adolescents in SW Nigeria.

International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health.



Okoje V.N, Obimakinde O.S, Sigbeku O.F, Obimakinde A.M

Indication for permanent teeth exodontia; a comparative analysis of two tertiary institutions in SW Nigeria.

J Dent Oral Health

5: 1-8


Agbesanwa T.A, Aina F.O, Obimakinde A.M, Sabi O.M

Relationship between unhealthy sexual behaviour and Urogenital Infections among adolescents presenting in a tertiary hospital, SW Nigeria.

Nigerian Medical Pract. Journal

73: No. 5-6,56-64

(f)        Books, Chapters in Books and Articles Already Accepted for Publication: Nil

(g)        Technical Reports and monographs:     Nil

Major Conferences Attended with Papers Read:


Papers Read


17th European chapter conference of the World Organization of National Colleges Academies and Academic Society of Family Physicians and General Practitioners (WONCA) held in Warsaw, Poland.

Obimakinde A.M, Ladipo M.M.A, Irabor A.E. Family Dynamics in Somatizing Patient in Nigeria.

September, 2011.

36th Annual General and Scientific Meeting of the West African College of Physician in collaboration with the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) held in Accra, Ghana

Obimakinde A.M, Ladipo M.M.A, Irabor A.E. Socioeconomic correlates of somatization disorder.

November, 2012.

21st triennial global conference of the World Organization of National Colleges Academies and academic society of Family Physician and General Practitioners (WONCA) held in Rio de Janiero Brazil.

Obimakinde A.M, Ilori T, Ladipo M.M.A. Undergraduate Family Medicine; Experience from the Premier University in Nigeria.

November, 2016.

2nd Symposium of African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFRE Health) and NIH-D43 meeting, International Convention Center. Durban, South Africa

Obimakinde AM, Ogunniyi A, Achenbach C, Adebusoye L, Adetunji A. Mentored research training and Preliminary report on Multimorbidity and Cognitive Impairment In HIV- Positive and HIV-Negative Elderly Patients in Ibadan. Nigeria.

August 2018.


Community Service and Administrative Duties:

Community Services:

Community Service


Reviewer for European Journal of General Practice (EJGP), 2016 till date. EJPG created in 1995, is the official and international scientific journal of WONCA Europe (the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine). Last article co-reviewed, is titled “Patients with psychological ICPC codes in primary care; a case-control study investigating the decade before presenting with problems”.


Organization and participation at a school health outreach encompassing health education and promotion activities to primary and secondary school pupils of Lagelu LGA Ibadan supported by NO Idowu foundation, Food basket International and the Health Promotion and Education department of Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan.

March 2017.

Organization and participation at a public health symposium themed “Improving Access to Medical Care”, held at the College of Medicine auditorium supported by NO Idowu foundation, Family Medicine Dept UCH and the Gifted Hands foundation INC. Chicago USA.

April 2017

Organization and participation at community health outreaches to rural communities of Akinyele and Lagule LGA of Ibadan, supported by N.O Idowu foundation, Gifted Hands Inc. Chicago USA, Departments of Surgery, Community Ophthalmology, Community Dentistry, Public Health nursing of the University of Ibadan/University College Hospital and the IFA cervical cancer screening foundation.

April and September 2017

Administrative Duties:

Administrative Duties


Coordinator, clinical medical students, Elective posting assessment coordinator, University of Ibadan, College of Medicine.

2016 till date. 

Member, Faculty lecture committee for the Faculty of Public health. College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.

2017 till date.


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Email: tolutammy@yahoo.com

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