Faculty Degree Programmes



2. B.Sc. Nursing

3. B. Physiotherapy



1.     Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) 

2.     Doctor of Medicine (M.D)

3.     Master of Medicine (M.Med.)

4.     Master of Science (M.Sc)/Ph.D. Surgery

5.     Master of Science (M.Sc)/Ph.D. Bioethics

6.     Master of Science (M.Sc)/Ph.D. Human Reproductive Biology

7.     Postgraduate Diploma Anaesthesia

8.     Master of Science (M.Sc)/Ph.D. Anaesthesia

9.     M.Sc./Ph.D. Nursing

10.   Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA)

11.   PGD Child Health

12.   M.Sc/Ph.D. Physiotherapy

13.   M.Sc/Ph.D. Psychiatry

14.   Master of Health Science (M.H.S) Population and Reproductive Health

15.   PGD Population and Reproductive Health (POP/RH)

16.   Master in Public Health (MPH) Child and Adolescent Health

17.   Master in Public Health (MPH) Community Medicine

18.   Master in Public Health (MPH) Health Management

19.   Faculty of Clinical Sciences M.Sc. Biomedic