Dr. Olubukola A. OLALEYE

Personal Statement/Research Focus

I am a resourceful, dynamic and highly motivated physiotherapy researcher, teacher and clinician with over eighteen years cognate experience in core areas of physiotherapy with specialization in neurological physiotherapy. I have demonstrated significant knowledge and clinical skills; teaching and research skills in neuro-rehabilitation with potential for professional development and leadership.

My primary research interest is on the development and implementation of effective and quality therapeutic interventions for the rehabilitation of people with congenital and acquired neurological disorders. I am interested in translational researches that can enhance the participation of my clients in the community. I am committed to research into ways of making quality healthcare services available within the community at affordable cost to patients. In an earlier study, I evaluated the feasibility of using Primary Health Care (PHC) centres for provision stroke rehabilitation services.

Beyond my research interests, I am a teacher. My teaching experience spanned clinical instructor to guest lecturer to classroom teacher. I have great enthusiasm for neurology and enjoy developing the same level of enthusiasm in my students. I am passionate about capacity building, leadership development and mentoring.


Curriculum vitae