The Faculty of Public Health was established in 2002 as envisioned by the founding father of the Faculty. It is the first Faculty of Public Health in Nigeria and has since assumed leadership role in Public Health man power development and research.

The Faculty was carved out of the old Department of Preventive and Social Medicine. The Faculty currently has six Departments and one Institute namely: Epidemiology & Medical Statistics, Health Promotion & Education, Human Nutrition, Health Policy & Management, Environmental Health Sciences, Preventive Medicine & Primary Care and the Institute of Child Health (ICH). However both Department of Preventive & Primary Care and Institute of Child Health hold Dual Faculty Status with the Faculty of Clinical Sciences in respect of clinical programmes.

The administrative office of the Faculty of Public Health is located on the fifth floor, College of Medicine administrative building, within the University College Hospital campus. The Faculty of Public Health building named after Professor Oladele Ajose, houses all the Departments in the Faculty except Institute of Child Health and Human Nutrition. The Institute of Child Health is located close to the Oladele Ajose Building towards the main gate of the College of Medicine. While the Department of Human Nutrition is located on the main campus of the University, in-between the Faculty of Education and the Institute of African Studies. Each Department has functional internet laboratory for students.

Outstanding research and teaching continue to be the hallmark of the Faculty. The internship component of the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is viewed as the culminating experience of our graduate academic program. It is designed to provide a meaningful opportunity for students to integrate knowledge gained during academic coursework in a professional public health setting.


The following have served as Deans of the Faculty:

Ø  Professor Oladele Ajose O. Kale (February-July 31,2002)

Ø  Professor J. D Adeniyi              (August 01, 2002-July31,2004)

Ø  Professor I. O Akinyele             (August 01-2004-July 31,2008)

Ø  Professor O. Oladepo               (August 2008-July 31,2012)

Ø  Professor A. J. Ajuwon             (August 01,2012 – Dec. 2014)

Ø  Dr. Oyedunni S. Arulogun          (Ag. Dean –Jan, 2015 – 30 July, 2016)

Ø  The current Dean, Professor Olufunmilayo I. Fawole (1 August, 2016 to date).


The past Sub-Deans (Postgraduate) of the Faculty in order of succession:

Ø  Dr. Lola V. Adekunle

Ø  Dr. A. J. Ajuwon

Ø  Dr. F. O. Oshiname

Ø  Dr. Ikeoluwapo. O. Ajayi

Ø  Dr. A. A. Fatiregun

Ø  The current Sub-Dean (Postgraduate) is Dr. O. E Oyewole


The Sub-Deans (Undergraduate) of the Faculty were:

Ø  Dr. R. A Sanusi

Ø  Dr. Grace T. Fadupin

Ø  The current Sub-Dean (Undergrduate) is Dr. O.T Adepoju.


The past Faculty Officers of the Faculty were:

Ø  J. O. Akintayo, O. O. Owojuyigbe

Ø  O. A. Olaoye, Jokotade Aladekomo

Ø  T. Akindele

Ø  Olufunmilayo O. Arotiba (Mrs)

Ø  The current Faculty Officer is J. E. Ethakpemi (March 2015 – to date).


Vision and Mission Statements of the Faculty

To preserve, promote, and improve the health and well being of populations, communities, and individuals.

 Goal I: Provide excellent educational programs that prepare

 graduates to address the multifaceted health needs of

 populations, communities and individuals.


          Goal II: Address priority health needs by conducting quality research

          and disseminating the findings.


                    Goal III: Lead and actively participate in serving our university, our

                    professions, and individuals and communities. 


The Faculty, to fulfill this mission, foster collaborations among public health and health professions in education, research, and service.



Professor Olufunmilayo I. Fawole

MB;BS(Ib);M.Sc(Epid&Biost)(Wits) FMCPH (Nig)

FWACPH Cert. Clinical Epid (S.A) FMED Ed(SA)

Sub-Dean (Postgraduate)


Dr. O. E. Oyewole

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Nutr.)MPH(HPE),Ph.D(Ib)


 Sub-Dean (Undergraduate)

Dr. O. T. Adepoju

B.Sc. (Ife), M.Sc. (Ilorin) Ph.D(Ib)

Faculty Officer

    J. E. Ethakpemi, AMNIM    

            Other members of Staff (Non-Teaching) of the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Public Health

Assistant Registrar

O. A. Adediran

Principal Executive Officer

L.T. Oduola

Higher Executive Officer

O. Begun

Secretary II

Funmilola N. Komolafe

Senior Data Processing Officer

Theresa E. Nwokolo


Senior Clerical Officer

A. O. Adeniran

Senior Transport Supervisor

T. Ogunmokun

Senior Transport Supervisor

J. P. Ejaye


Office Assistant

O. Oladiran

Faculty Library

(Adetokunbo Lucas Public Health Library)

Assistant Chief Library Officer

Olubunmi O. Akidele     


Presently the following Number of Lecturers in the Department under the Faculty of Public Health is as follows:

Community Medicine                                           -              15 Lecturers

Environmental Health Sciences             -              10 Lecturers

Epidemiology and Medical Statistics      -              14 Lecturers

Health Promotion and Education            -                9 Lecturers

Health Policy & Management                  -                5 Lecturers

Institute of Child Health                          -                9 Lecturers

Human Nutrition                                      -              13 Lecturers