The Academic programmes available in the various Departments and the only Institute are B.Sc., MSc., MPH and PhD programmes (as stated in the table below). It should be noted that the Faculty also participate in the training of MBBS and B.Sc. Nursing programmes on a consistent basis.





 1.Epidemiolog& Medical Statistics          

  1. MPH

Field Epidemiology

  1. MPH

Medical Demography

  1. MSc.


  1. MSc.


  1. MSc

Biostatistics and Epidemiology

  1. PhD

Epidemiology,Demography & Biostatistics

2.EnvironmentalHealth Sciences     

  1. MPH

Environmental Health

2.   PhD

Environmental Health

3.Health Policy &


  1. MPH

Health Policy & Management

  1. MHSA

Health Services Administration

4.HealthPromotion &      


1.   MPH

Health Promotion and Education


  1. MPH

Population and Reproductive Health Education

3.   PhD

Health Promotion and Education and Population and Reproductive Health Education

5. Human Nutrition     


1.    BSc.

Human Nutrition and Dietetics


  1.  MSc.

Human Nutrition

  1.  MPH

Population and Reproductive Health Nutrition

  1.  PH.D.

Human Nutrition

6.Institute of Child Health             

1.    MPH

Child and Adolescent Health

7.Preventive Medicine &

Primary Care  

1.   MPH 

Reproductive & Family Health

Occupational Health


Various programs within the Faculty have gained international recognition and some have attracted foreign grants. These include the MPH (Population and Reproductive health Education), M.Sc.(Epidemiology), MPH(Field Epidemiology) and MPH (Reproductive and Family health). The grants among others cover students’ tuition fees, economic class air ticket, maintenance stipends for students and internet facility access. The grants were awarded by the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Institute of the John Hopkins University (CDC) and the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).