The University of Ibadan Dental School aims at providing adequate training in dentistry comparable to the standard obtainable in advanced countries of the world.  The philosophy is to offer a sound training that will ensure:

1.       The establishment of a scientific foundation sufficient for understanding the principles of dental practice.


2.       The acquisition of adequate knowledge, attitudes and skill/clinical competence for the performance of various tasks and roles expected of a dental surgeon in the community.  The ability of the trainees to adapt to any changes or variation in local condition and to offer leadership role and on the job training to other paradental staff.


            The University of Ibadan Dental School graduate, at the end of his/her training, should have acquired adequate clinical competence and skills, knowledge and attitude that will enable him/her to:

1.            Function broadly as a general duty officer in any part of Nigeria and outside Nigeria;

2.            Identify the country’s present and future dental problems, collate information that will help him manage or resolve that and implement relevant programme in preventive oral health care;

3.            Integrate the practice of preventive dentistry in all his professional work;

4.            Diagnose and manage promptly, common dental emergencies;

5.            Collaborate with a health team and if necessary act as the leader of the team;

6.            Have sufficient grounding in basic medical sciences and scientific method so that he/she is capable of benefitting from further vocational training to become a specialist;

8.            Perform at a level high enough to be compared with international standards and practise his/her profession, always with high and moral standard;

9.            Supervise and/or provide on-the-job training for paradental staff under him/her as well as provide good leadership for the entire dental team.