Units and Functions

The Centre has 5 service units and a teaching unit.

1.  Audiovisual Unit: 

     This unit took off from inception, services available include:

Provision of audiovisual services to all College departments, University College Hospital and other University departments.

Provision of Public Address facilities for medical students lectures and social engagements.

Provision of multimedia projection services including still and motion.

Audio recording and duplication of lectures, seminars, conferences for documentation.

Analog and digital video production of academic and non-academic programmes.

2.  Maintenance and Servicing Unit:

     This unit provides:

Professional advice, repairs and general servicing of electronic appliances. 

Repairs and servicing include items like, video sets, television sets, radio cassettes, car radio installation, video-camera.

3.  Medical Illustration and Graphics Unit:

Provides consultations, design and development of Medical and non medical related graphics e.g Charts, Graphics, Diagram, Poster Presentation, Illustrations, Book cover Design, Brochures, Bill board, Sign writing, Calendar Design, Greeting Cards, Creative Writing (Marriage Proposal), Lettering on Certificates, Photocopying,

Typesetting and PowerPoint slides production

4.  Medical Photographic Unit:

     This unit is one of the oldest within the centre.  Some of the services available include:

Digital colour pictures of; surgical photography, clinical photography, photograph of  gross specimens in Morbid Anatomy, ENT photographs,

Copying and printing of x-rays films, dentals films etc.

Mounting and framing of photographs,

X-ray scanning for printing and PowerPoint presentation,

Scanning and transfer of photographs for printing and PowerPoint presentation.

5.  Television And Multimedia Production Unit:

The unit effectively took off in July 2010 after installation of non-linear digital editing equipment and studios for both audio and video production.  The unit provides;

Video documentaries of various aspects of Medical Education.

Design and development of CD based interactive media

CD based courseware development and production

Video Production and documentation during Health Workshops, Seminars, Training.

Video documentation of clinical and surgical procedures for teaching and research.

Production of Jingles and Adverts Clips, etc

Consultancy services in radio and television broadcasts, for teaching and learning in medicine and health sciences.

Acquisition of Medical films and video for teaching and research.

Consultations with departments to develop ideas for television, streaming video production for teaching and for local and international conferences.

Production of CD and DVD masters, labels and packaging design

Multimedia presentations formats.

6.  Instructional and Courseware Development Unit:

Due to the increase in demand for manpower training and capacity building development in the allied medical and health services, the Centre has developed an academic curriculum to meet the growing need of health workers within the health media and communication industry, which includes the teaching hospitals, specialist hospitals, primary and secondary health institutions, Colleges of Medicine, pharmaceutical companies, public health organisations, government and non-governmental organisations.

The programme has been conceived to combine academic with professional training which intends to provide a broad-based curriculum of instruction in Communication Media with modern application of technology to medicine and health sciences. It shall prepare students to meet the challenges of operating in today’s ever-changing technology-driven environment. The growing Health Information and Communication Systems Industry in Nigeria is expected to benefit from this programme. 

The scope of the academic programme will develop from sub-degree to postgraduate status in the nearest future, and shall be delivered through the University Distance Learning Centre.  The curriculum is awaiting Senate approval. Meanwhile, the Centre undertakes short-term courses in form of seminars, workshop and conferences to prepare health workers in its various sector to meet up with new technological challenges of this age especially in the following themes:

     Effective presentation using electronics formats

Design and development of e-learning and instructional materials for Medical and Health Training

     Digital photography and video production techniques

     Introduction to Medical Informatics and Health Information Systems.