Preparation for Examinations:
i. Notice of entry forms into all University examinations is issued after the time table has been approved by the Provost and the students will be given a minimum of three weeks to complete and process their forms for submission to their respective Departments for processing of candidates/attendance list.

ii. List of Examiners will be used for calculation of Examiners lunch and mark-book when preparing material/stationery for
Provost approval.

iii. Completed forms by students submitted to the Faculty Officer will be sent from each Faculty with the candidates/attendance list to the examinations officer.

iv. Completed forms and candidate’s/attendance list will be used prepare the master mark sheet with the candidates’ Matriculation Number arranged serially.

v. The Faculty Officer is always saddled with the responsibility for the booking of the Examinations Venue.  The Examination Unit must be present at the venue of the Examinations to see to the smooth running of the Examination, per-adventure if any student failed to come with his/her Identity Card to the Examination Venue.  The Examinations Officer uses examination entry forms to identify such candidates/students.

vi.The Department(s) conducting such examinations would send completed results through the Dean(s) to the Academic Office. The examination results will be recorded manually into the master mark sheet for the use of the Dean/Chairman while the computer print outs will be distributed to other members.  The Dean must sign and make remarks on each candidate’s results on the master mark sheet while the Head of Departments would also sign the master mark sheet.

vii. All members are not allowed to go with the results except the Head of Departments/Ag. Head of Departments.

viii. Eight copies of the provisional results would be signed by the Dean and University Examinations Officer.  Two copies of the Provisional results would be given to the Examinations Office, University of Ibadan for record purposes.

ix. Immediately after the meeting, copies of the results would be pasted for Students’/candidates’ consumption.



   The Examinations Officer would prepare the Recommendation for senate approval stating the status of candidates; this would be prepared in the name of the Provost through the D/R Academic to the Vice Chancellor to approve on behalf of the Senate of the University.


   For B.Sc and BNSc courses listed above, the Departments collate and prepare the result in the Senate format for presentation at the Board of Examiners meeting.  After consideration, the results would be returned to the respective Departments for correction, preparation in Senate format and recommendation as well as matters arising to the Academic Office for presentation at the Senate meeting and final approval of the results.


There are two courses affiliated with the University of Ibadan under College of Medicine:
i. Nurse/Midwife/Public Health Nurse Tutors Programme
ii. Environmental Health Officer Tutors’ course.


   Examinations Entry Forms are collected by the Academic Division (Examinations Unit).
 The time table would be sent to Academic Office/Examinations Unit and the examinations officer would be present at the Examination Venue(s) to see to the smooth running of the Examinations.
 Notice of the Board of Examiners’ meeting will be sent to Principal Assistant Registrar (Academic) /Examination Officer College of Medicine.
   Results would be sent through the Dean to the Academic Office/Examinations unit which will be prepared in the name of the Provost, through the Deputy Registrar (Academic) University of Ibadan to the Vice Chancellor for final approval on behalf of the Senate of the University.
   In the case of Environmental Health Officer Tutors course, the processing of the approval of results from Vice-Chancellor is done alternatively between Institute of Education and College of Medicine.


All printed examinations stationery is supplied by the University according to the availability of such materials.
 The Academic Office usually makes requests for examination materials according to the students’ statistics.  Each Department would request for needed materials from the Academic Office through the Secretary to the College.
   University vehicles are used to convey/transport the materials from the University to the College of Medicine (Academic Office).