The Corporate Affairs Unit (CAU) of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, was established as a subsidiary of the Provost’s Office in February 1998 majorly to serve as an intermediary between the College and the outside world. In order words, it is the Public Relation Unit of the College.
   It was, at first, the Corporate Affairs/Alumni Unit vested with the responsibility of attending to College Alumni matters. It was also meant to be a part of the College Ceremonials committee responsible for the planning and execution of College ceremonies. In 2009, the Alumni unit was segregated from the Corporate Affairs Unit. This unit, now known as the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association Worldwide (ICOMAA), operates independently.

The Corporate Affairs Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer who is responsible to the Senior Assistant Registrar in the Provost’s office. The affairs of the unit include the following:

 1. Serving as the Secretariat to the College Ceremonials’ Committee

 2. Collation of materials for the publication of the College Prospectus.

 3. Publishing of the College Newsletter.

 4. Verification of documents, processing of transcripts and certification of medical diploma of College Alumni forwarded  by some verifying Boards from outside the country. This may be in hard copy or electronically (e-verification).

5. Certification of certificates of College Alumni and preparation of their Clinical Clerkships

6. Preparation of Introduction Letters, Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letters and other letters for College Alumni

7. Creating awareness of upcoming programmes and events in the college.