Departmental Philosophy


Biochemistry is the bedrock of the Medical Sciences and the foundation from which Biomolecular Sciences derive their basic ideas and techniques in the service of mankind and humanity. It is the basis of the biotechnology industry while the new and exciting disciplines of proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, and drug design all rely on the knowledge of and competency in biochemistry and molecular biology.

It is against this background that the B.Sc. Biochemistry degree programme in this University will continue to promote sound education and cutting-edge research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a view to producing exemplary graduates who will be able to compete globally, especially in World-class universities and institutions and be competent to work in specialized areas such as Medicine, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries, Agriculture, Environment and Bioengineering.

Deriving from the broad philosophy of the Department, the following objectives shall be pursued:
1. Graduates of the B.Sc. Biochemistry programme are expected to have acquired sound knowledge of the core curriculum in Biochemistry.
2. Graduates shall exhibit an appreciation and understanding of the molecular dimension and uniqueness of life processes.
3. Graduates are expected to understand the historical and social context of biological thought and research.
4. Graduates shall be job and wealth creators and shall be equipped for self employment as entrepreneurs in small scale industrial ventures in the medical diagnostic, food and beverage technology, environmental sectors, among others.
5. Graduates shall be well equipped for postgraduate research and training and may enter the work force, especially in the private sector, as allied health professionals, laboratory or field scientists.
6. Graduates shall possess strong analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and be armed with excellent research and communication skills.