The Department of Chemical pathology has always been in the forefront of attracting Internationally supported Research Programmes.

 Such research programmes include those in:

i. Reproductive endocrinology supported by Population Council of U.S.A

ii. Reference Value for folate and Cobalmin in Nigerians-Supported by Foundation   for Nutritional Advancement of USA, Washington D.C.

iii. Malaria Immunology supported by WHO, Geneva.

iv. Studies in metabolic syndrome supported by MacArthur Foundation

Staff members have contributed a huge number of research publications at scientific meetings and scientific journals. A number of observations made, represent significant, and in a few, first documentations. Collaboration with staff of other departments forms a principal role which the department plays in initiating and directing multidisciplinary research within the faculty. This role is adequately manifest in the numerous publications that have appeared jointly with staff of other departments.