Dr. Abiodun M. ADEOYE


I have been teaching and examining medical, dental and pharmacy students since 2003. This includes delivery of lecturers in cardiology and general medicine, as well as bedside teachings, seminars, tutorials and conduction of clinical teachings during ward rounds and in specialist clinics.  Also I teach and examine postgraduate resident doctors in the faculty of Family medicine and Internal medicine including the delivery of lectures in cardiovascular medicine and general medicine as well as bedside teachings, seminars, and tutorials

I have vision to make indelible impact and contributions to patient- centered and evidence based cardiology particularly in the field of preventive and invasive cardiology. My research focus is in coronary artery disease, a rare disease in our community but with a rising trend. All along I believe in studies that can identify markers of impending cardiovascular diseases. Presence of carotid plaques has been shown to increase the risk of stroke during cardiac surgery especially Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). I participated in the non invasive ultrasonographic assessment of carotid artery in patients undergoing CABG.  Based on the prevalence of carotid arthrosclerosis it became a policy for all patients undergoing CABG to have routine carotid ultrasound before surgery. This work has been accepted for publication.

Also, increased Left Ventricular Mass and diastolic dysfunction have been shown to predate the clinical manifestation of hypertension.  This was demonstrated in our offspring study where it was demonstrated that normotensive offspring of hypertensives had parameters of diastolic dysfunction where compared with normotensive offspring of normal parents.  After five years follow up, some of these offspring are either hypertensive now or in the pre hypertension stage. The prospective study is ongoing.

Curriculum Vitae