Dr. Adebola O. OGUNBIYI


A.   Personal Statement/Research Focus

My research focus has been in the area of clinical dermatology and some aspects of medical education.My initial focus  has been on highlighting geno dermatoses in the African continent of which there were very few  reports.   This had resulted in delayed diagnoses of these conditions one  as long as 30 years leading to serious consequences. I and my colleagues also studied the relationship of Lichen planus  and hepatitis B and C virus. This was to ascertain if the former was actually a cutaneous marker for the viruses. I also looked at the current epidemiology of skin diseases in various age groups, children, adolescents and adults.

This was to estimate the burden  of infectious diseases  in this environment and  to offer possible solutions as to their eradication. It also highlighted perculiarities of the cutaneous disorders we have in the environment.  I have looked and continue to look at the use of the skin in diagnosis of systemic disorders. Currently I am working with some colleagues on the aetio-pathogenesis of follicular problem in blacks


Curriculum Vitae