Dr. Solomon K. ADEDAPO


I am a Chemical Pathologist with interest in biochemical determinants/ aetiology of cancers of the prostate, breast and thyroid. I have always believed that our diet have a role to play in the pathogenesis of chronic diseases So far I have looked at the roles of free radicals and trace metals, vitamins and lipids in these diseases. I have also appraised the role of tumour markers in this environment. Secondly, I have looked at the diagnostic value of lipid and trace metals in prostate cancer. My interest in Nuclear Medicine is from the endocrinology aspect as it relates to radioactive iodine management of benign thyroid diseases such as Graves’ and well differentiated thyroid cancer. So far, I have looked at the follow up pattern for thyroid cancer and made useful submissions. The need for health insurance due to non affordability of the cost of therapy in most of the patients has also been highlighted. We have looked at the effectiveness of radioactive iodine in the therapy of Graves’ disease, while that of non toxic goiter is on- going. We have also looked at the retention of radioactive iodine post therapy in patients with total and non total thyroidectomy. Several other studies including the use of thyroglobulin as a tumour marker in patients with total thyroidectomy without the need for radioactive iodine therapy. Research is also on- going in delineating the role iodine, thyroid hormone, trace and heavy metals, estradiol, in women with different stages of breast to assess the overall life style risk. I have published/co published over 50 journal articles and supervised several MSc students in course of my career and examined several part 1 and part 2 fellowship candidates professionally.

Curriculum Vitae