Dr. Thomas O ADEPOJU

Personal Statement

My area of primary research interest is in food composition analysis and biodiversity of indigenous foods in meeting nutritional needs of people. My research focus in the area of food composition analysis is based on the need to bridge the gap in information on nutrient content of most indigenous foods and wild fruits and vegetables in Nigeria, determination of their contribution to nutrient needs of consumers, and fortification/enrichment of local feedstuffsusing locally available materials.

In the area of biodiversity, researches have established that dietary diversification is a sure way of meeting nutritional needs of people, especially micronutrients. This prompted my research work into the determination of nutrient content of underutilized plant products and the wildly grown ones as sources of dietary- and bio-diversification. My research into edible insects as source of micronutrients is also a means of assurance of their safety and popularising their utilisation and consumption.

My current research work focuses on the use of traditional feedstuff in compounding nutrient-dense complementary foods for young children. 

Curriculum Vitae