Dr. Titilola S. AKINGBOLA


            Personal Statement

I am a practicing Haemato- Oncologist and a Blood transfusion specialist.  I have publications in sickle cell disorders, hemato oncology, thrombo-embolic disorders in children, HIV/AIDS, and plumbism. . I have worked on a variety of other clinical topics in SCD, including contraception, microalbuminuria as a predictive factor for renal failure, abdominal and bone pain crises.  Sickle cell disease contributes about 40% of the patient load in our centre and at a stage there were about 2000 registered cases under our care. Apart from being primarily involved in the management of a whole array of haematological malignancies I co-manage related disorders and transfusion details.

My current areas of research include haemoglobinopathies, thromboembolic disorders and blood transfusion.  I am also a co / Principal Investigator in two research projects in haemoglobinopathies. Whilst I have found the management of thromboembolic disorders in this environment quite challenging I look forward to available cutting edge of science and the development of a medical oncology departments in our tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Curriculum Vitae