Personal Statement:

As a medical microbiologist and parasitologist, I have carried out prevalence studies on Strongyloides stercoralis, and also on other intestinal helminths among different populations and in different communities in our environment. I am also interested in the use of herbs in combating the menace of anti-infective resistance; this is making me to investigate possible anti-infective property of different herbs that is locally employed for management of various infections such as fungal, malarial and bacterial.  I in collaboration with other researchers have carried out several studies on malaria including epidemiology, drug therapy and others. I had training in molecular laboratory techniques which assisted me in carrying out molecular studies on invasive pneumococcal infections; I personally did all the laboratory work such as pneumococcal cultivation, DNA extraction, PCR and purification and sequence analysis. I have also improved upon my earlier training in molecular techniques by a recent training in Immunology of Parasites and Molecular diagnostics of parasitic infections-malaria and intestinal helminths with hands-on training in Flow-cytometry, whole blood assays and PBMCs isolation, Real-time Multiplex PCR, and DNA extraction from blood and stool among others. My research focus is in molecular parasitology and combating drug-resistant organisms. I have published articles in peer-reviewed journal.


Curriculum Vitae