Dr. Omotayo. A. FANEYE


Personal Statement

A Lecturer/Research Scientist with interest in diagnosis, pathogenesis and molecular epidemiology of viruses, especially those implicated in maternal and infant morbidity. I have been involved in research in molecular epidemiology and characterization of measles and parvovirus B19 and human papilloma viruses circulating in Nigeria as well as investigation of viruses associated with fever and maculopapular rash. I have also been involved in the investigation of arboviruses of zoonotic importance in Nigeria. In addition, I am involved in the training of undergraduate and graduate students in my department.

Presently I am an awardee of MEPIN mentored research grant in my University. The grant is to investigate the circulating strains of Human papilloma viruses in women presenting for pap smear screening in Ibadan using PCR and sequencing technique.

My participation in this training will give me skills needed for viral genomics, use of affordable techniques for full length viral sequencing especially HPV and HIV, cloning and sequence analysis. The knowledge acquired in this training will be transferred to postgraduate students and scientists in the University of Ibadan. It will also enable me serve as a resource person for seminal training organized by other MEPIN Universities thus increase the spread of the knowledge among Nigerian scientists.


Curriculum Vitae