Personal Statement

My area of research interest is in Clinical virology and the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases.  I have the expertise, leadership and motivation necessary have the expertise, leadership and motivation necessary to co-participate in this research as regards detection of the possible viral agents that may be implicated in pyrexia among patients with Sickle cell disorder . As a Masters stuent in Ilorin, I looked at the sero-prevalence of Cytomegalovirus infection among HIV/AIDS patients in Ilorin, Nigeria. I  was able to establish the baseline prevalence of this viral opportunistic infection among  these group of patients. My residency training programme also allowed me to work extensively in Bill $ Melinda Gate supported virology Laboratory in Ibadan where I was able to work extensively in a Tissue culture as well as Viral serology Laboratory. In my Clinical Virology Diagnostic Laboratory at the University College Hospital in Ibadan, where I work as a Consultant Clinical Virologist, I have also been able to familiarize myself with the processes involved in Hepatitis B viral load detection as Hepatitis B profiling happens to be a major focus of my laboratory


Curriculum Vitae