Personal Statement

I am interested in uncovering the molecular determinants/markers of parasite tolerance to artemisinin based combination therapies (ACTs) and the secrets of the malaria parasite life cycle in humans/vector. I have particular interest in discovering the Genes and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms responsible for resistance to artesunate, the major component of ACTs. I have been involved in Clinical and Laboratory studies of antimalarial mono- and combination therapies. Ultimately, I intend to pursue a career in Tropical Medicine and to expand my interest to also include molecular characterizations of responses to chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of HIV and Tuberculosis and the pharmacokinetic assessment of drug levels in the body. Broadly, my professional interests also cover clinical pharmacokinetics, therapeutic drug monitoring, and all of clinical pharmacology (the inter-phase between Internal Medicine and Pharmacology). I plan to use my training in these areas to form a nucleus of excellence in research and capacity development.


Curriculum Vitae