Dr. Adunni O. ODUNOLA

 Personal Statement/Research Focus:


My research work has been focused on the identification of environmental contaminants with clastogenic, mutagenic and/or carcinogenic activities. I have also worked on the identification, isolation and characterization of plant products with antitoxic, anticlastogenic and/or anticarcinogenic potentials for eventual use as either chemopreventive or prophylactic agents. Such knowledge will be useful in planning an effective regimen for the reduction of the severity of toxicity of exposure of the populace to environmental contaminants including mutagens, clastogens and carcinogens in ingested (food, water, beverages, drugs); absorbed (cosmetics,toiletries) and inhaled (dust, exhaust) substances. Recently, I have been involved in genomic studies to improve the quality and availability of common cash crops and vegetables. Consequently therefore, improving the nutritional intake of the general populace by making available, improved cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) cultivers, yellow yam (Diosconea cyenensis), plaintain and banana (Musa species) and grain Amaranths. It is expected that the availability of the improved food crops

Curriculum Vitae