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Selected Peer-reviewed Publications: 


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2.   Uwaifo, A.O. and OSOWOLE, O.A. (1990).  Metabolism of aflatoxin B1 and implications for its carcinogenicity:- 

      In:  International programme on chemical safety:- Chemical safety, Metabolism and Toxicity; Collected Lectures.

      IPCS/WHO,  Geneva.  Pp 157-163.

3.   OSOWOLE, O.A.; Tonukari, J.N. and Uwaifo, A.O. (1992).  Isolation and partial characterization  of pigeon pea

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4.   OSOWOLE, O.A.; Ogidi, H.J.A. and Uwaifo, A.O. (1992).  Influence of four Nigerian food additives on the

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5.   ODUNOLA, O.A. (1997).  Individual and combined genotoxic response of boric acid  and aflatoxin B1 in Escherichia

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6.   ODUNOLA, O.A. and Uwaifo, A.O. (1998).  Binding reaction of aflatoxin B1 with immunoglobulin G against aflatoxin

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