Prof. Samuel B. OLALEYE



The major forte of my research activities has been in the area of dietary and environmental factors in gastrointestinal inflammation and secretion. Although stress has been implicated as a possible factor responsible for the observation that the incidence of gastrointestinal ulceration and inflammation is increasing across the globe, the possibility of the involvement of other factors such as exposure to potential ulcerogens such as diets and environmental toxicants may not be ruled out.

I have been involved in the screening of natural products from the tropical environment for combined anti-inflammatory and antiulcer activities. Garcinia kola and Landolphia owarensis have proven to have great potential as combined anti-inflammatory and antiulcer agents. Attempt was made to look for the active principle in G.kola responsible for the anti-inflammatory and antiulcer properties. The flavonoid fraction – Kolaviron was found to be a very potent antiulcer agent which reduces the pro-oxidative action of ulcerogenic agents such as indomethacin and ethanol. A number of other natural products like those from Eucalyptus torrelliana, Eucalyptus camouldulensis and Bryophyllum pinnatum have been shown to have potent antiulcer activities, but the active compounds in these extracts are still been investigated. It is also worthy of note that most of the candidate products found to be antiulcerogenic also possess antimicrobial activities. The possibility that the ability of these agents to inhibit helicobacter pylori (another important ulcerogenic factor) is under investigation in our laboratory.

Based on studies reporting high content of heavy metals in meat consumed in tropical climate, I started work on the role of some of the heavy metals in ulcerogenesis. Results obtained so far showed that Lead increases the incidence of ulceration induced by stress, indomethacin and ethanol. One of the likely mechanisms by which lead exposure increases incidence of gastric ulcer is via induction of oxidative stress in the stomach.


Curriculum Vitae