Dr. Olumide M. SOGAOLU


A.   Personal Statement/Research Focus


I have been a lecturer in Pulmonology and Internal Medicine to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University of Ibadan. I have been engaged in research in the areas of mycobacterial diseases and lately in resistant tuberculosis in addition to some interventional studies in the treatment of tuberculosis. Been involved in patterns of resistant states as well as in area of tuberculous immunology in which I have engaged in studying role of gamma interferons in cases of active tuberculosis in Nigerian patients and in contacts of active cases in collaboration with with Dr Martins Ota of the Medical Research Council (MRC) of the Gambia. Other areas of focus include studies on adverse drug effects of antituberculous medications in conjunction with some colleagues in department of otorhinolarygology in University of Ibadan. Lung cancers is another study focus in which I have been involved, we have current work ongoing in role of tumour markers in diagnosis of lung cancers in our unit. Other research focus areas are in asthma and pulmonary hypertension. Pleural diseases and medical thoracoscopy in diagnosis and evaluation of our patients is the area of most keen interest recently, an MD thesis is currently been sought to review pleural diseases with aid of thoracoscopy in evaluation and management. Skills and advances in interventional pulmonology vis-à-vis diagnostic and thereupeutic bronchoscopy are also of late interest and focus.


Curriculum Vitae