Mr. Ifeoluwa O. AWOGBINDIN      




As a teacher in the Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, I am obsessed with teaching contemporary fundamentals and principles of Biochemistry at undergraduate level in a way that is crystal clear without haziness. As a budding scientist I wish to build my research strength around discovering a chemopreventive agent/drug of choice from the natural products armamentarium for Viral Infections (Influenza virus, HIV and Hepatitis B) possessing novel mechanisms of actions, standing out from the direct antiviral approach in a bid to translate bench to bedside. Mentored by vast and erudite scholars, Professors Farombi E.O. and Olaleye O.D.. I am currently a doctoral student with unfettered interest in Molecular Drug Metabolism and Toxicology (Viral Chemotherapy).

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