Dr. Bamidele M. KOLUDE


Department of Oral Pathology




History of the Department 


At inception in 1977 when Ibadan Dental School was established at the Pre-clinical level, Oral Pathology department was one of the four (4) departments on the list; even though no staff trained in the specialty was available. Consequently, an American, Professor Shartz was employed by the University to teach Oral histology and embryology. In 1978, the first set of dental students arrived from pre-clinic to clinical side of the University College Hospital, Dental School to begin training in clinical dentistry. The University relied on teachers from abroad to engage our students in block teaching and these teachers were also flown in for examinations.  Prominent among these were Professors Williams and Johnson. However, the department of Oral Pathology lacked indigenous staff for almost ten years while other departments had achieved this. By 1980, Dr. Lawoyin (now Professor) was appointed.



Subsequently, the University started to seriously think on how to train indigenous staff.  By 1982 a staff development grant was awarded to two staff members to pursue Postgraduate training in Oral Pathology abroad.  Dr. J. O. Lawoyin a Registrar and Associate Lecturer was one of them.


In 1985, when Dr. Lawoyin who was sent to Glasgow Dental Hospital, Sauchiehall Street, returned home after qualifying with a Masters degree in Oral Pathology; he became the first and only Oral Pathologist and Co-ordinator of the programme.  In 1989 a small laboratory for routine histopathology and heamatology was established.  He eventually re-organized the department into the Sub-units of (1) Oral Medicine (2) Oral Diagnosis and Radiology (3) Oral Hhistopathology. Due to acute shortage of Oral Pathologist and the inability to attract additional staff/ consultant, the department in 1992 embarked upon local training of residents.  By 1999, the first Oral Pathologist to be trained at the University College Hospital Dr. Bamidele Kolude finished and was appointed lecturer/consultant.  Four additional staff have since been trained to assume lectureship position with eight (8) Resident Doctors of various level of training presently on ground.

Prof. Newell W Johnson – A pioneer professor of Oral pathology at UI/UCH dental School.








 The Oral Pathology Department, University of Ibadan aims at providing adequate training in Oral  Pathology/Oral Medicine comparable to the standard obtained in advanced countries of the world.  The philosophy is to offer a sound training that will ensure:


1.           The establishment of a scientific foundation sufficient for understanding the principles of Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine

2.    The acquisition of adequate knowledge, attitudes and skill/clinical competence for the performance of various tasks and roles expected of a dental surgeon in the community.



       The University of Ibadan Dental School graduate, at the end of his training, should have                  acquired adequate clinical competence and skill knowledge and attitude that will enable him/her         to:


1.            Function broadly as a general duty dental officer in any part of Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

2.            Integrate the practice of Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine in all his professional work

3.            Diagnose and manage promptly common dental emergencies

4.            Collaborate with a health team and if necessary act as the leader of the team

5.            Have sufficient grounding in basic Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine, medical sciences and scientific method so that he/she is capable of benefiting from further vocational training to become a specialist.

6.            Perform at a level high enough to be compared with international standards and practice/his/her profession always with high ethical and moral standard.

7.            Supervise and/or provide on the job training for paradental staff under him/her as well as provide good leadership for the entire dental team.