Dr. Taiwo Juliana O.


Department of Periodontology & Comm. Dentist










1.    Foundation/Emergence

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree programme was established in 1975 as a Department with the aim of producing highly skilled Dental Surgeons comparable to those trained in the developed countries.  The first set of Dental Students started their clinical training in 1977 and the programme attained full accreditation by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council in 1978.

The single Dentistry Department was split into four autonomous departments in August 1981.  The  present Department of Periodontology and Community Dentistry was then part of the Department of Preventive Dentistry which was one of the four Departments at that time consisting of four different discipline/units namely:  Periodontology; Dental Public Health; Paedodontics and Orthodontics .    The Development Committee of the Senate of the University of Ibadan approved the creation of these Departments in 1985 and four departments were accorded full Faculty status in April 2002. 

The staff strength in the Department then increased to eight (8) and this also brought up the need to split the Department of Preventive Dentistry to ensure compliance with the normal academic structure the world over and as recommended by the National University Commission (NUC) minimum standards.  The Department was then officially split into two Departments (Periodontology and Community Dentistry and Child Oral Health) in the year 2004.  The Department of Periodontology and Community Dentistry currently has staff strength of seven (7) academic members of staff, four (4) in Community Dentistry Unit and three (3) in Periodontology Unit.



The Department at inception was housed as Preventive Dentistry alongside the other three Departments (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Restorative Dentistry and Oral Pathology)  in the Faculty at the Dental Centre, University  College Hospital, Ibadan.  This then consisted of two buildings – one serving as offices and the other as the clinic, with a lecture theatre.  On July 30, 2004, two (2) new buildings were commissioned to serve as office complex and another lecture theatre. With further expansion of the Faculty, another set of two buildings were commissioned on October 22, 2012, which had been shared by the Departments in the Faculty of Dentistry.

Foundation Staff

The first Acting Head of Department was Dr. M.O. Noah.  The headship of this Department was subsequently taken over after Dr. Noah as follows:

-          Dr. Gbemi O. Aderinokun

-          Dr. Modupe O. Arowojolu

-          Dr. Obafunke O. Denloye

-          Prof. Gbemi  A. Oke (nee Aderinokun)

-          Dr. Modupe O. Arowojolu

-          Dr. Juliana O. Taiwo and currently

-          Dr. Elizabeth B. Dosumu

Founding Vision

Our vision in the Department is to develop dental surgeons with comparable basic knowledge in the fields of Periodontology and Community Dentistry with outstanding clinical skills of world standard in both specialities, who at all times can make independent judgment and decisions in meeting the needs and demands of the community they serve.  It is also our vision to bring this Department into limelight in the areas of research in both units in the Department.

2.    Evolution Over the Years

Major changes in structure, function, site/location, facilities

The Department took off in 2004 with the Periodontology Clinic occupying a whole wing in the Dental Centre but in the year 2012, the clinic was moved from the wing to another wing, now shared with Paedodontic Unit of Child Oral Health Department, while Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery was moved to our previous wing.   The Dental Public Health Unit presently operates two (2) centres at Idikan in Ibadan and Igboora in Ibarapa community. 


Staff Dynamics

The Department started with four academic staff and presently has a staff strength of 2 Professors, 1 Reader, 1 Senior Lecturer and 3 Lecturer I.

3. Landmark Achievements

Awards/distinctions, publications and linkages.

The various researches carried out in the Department have yielded over 200 publications in  local and international peer review journals and researches are still going on in the two units of the Department.    Members of the Department won MacArthur & Senate Grants which were utilized for the establishment of the Igboora Community Centre and researches.   One of the academic member of staff in the Department won a PhD scholarship award of the Commonwealth Scholarship and he is currently at the University of Liverpool Dental Centre.  The Department is working on establishing linkages with Universities of Burmingham and Bristol, UK in the speciality of Periodontology.



Short Description

          This specialty deals with the management of patients with periodontal diseases (diseases of the gum and supporting tissues of the teeth) which involves scaling and root planning (ie removal of all dirt and bacteria and necrotic tissue on the teeth and roots, splinting of mobile teeth, desensitization of sensitive teeth, and non-surgical and surgical management of patients with periodontal problems including the use of bone grafts among others.

Core Responsibilities

·                     Training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in diagnosis prevention and management of periodontal diseases.

·                     Mentoring of House Officers and Resident Doctors in diagnosis, prevention and management of periodontal disease and research.

·                     Non-surgical and surgical management of patients with gingival and periodontal diseases




·                     Lectures are delivered to students from 8.00am to 10.00am and 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

·                     Clinical teaching for both undergraduate and postgraduate students starts at 10.05am  to 2.00pm daily except on Saturdays and Sundays.

·                     The periodontic clinic opens daily between the hours  of 8.30am and 4.00pm.  Emergency coverage also exists by the Doctors and Therapists.



Short Description

This discipline teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students prevention of oral diseases and treatment of oral diseases at community level  and provides services to people resident within the communities. In the process of delivering services to the community, approaches used include prevention, targeted population approach and oral health education and campaign. 

Core Responsibilities

·                     Oral health services delivery to the community

·                     Health education

·                     Advocacy

·                     Sensitization

·                     Research and documentation


·                     Lectures are delivered to students from 8.00am to 10.00 and from 2.00pm to 4.00pm

·                     There is a 4 weeks block posting in Igboora for the undergraduate students.  Residents doctors and house officers have 1 month posting in Igboora and Idikan (ie 2 weeks and Igboora and 2 weeks in Idikan).

·                     Provision of dental services in the two community dental clinics in Idikan and Igboora

·                     health education/campaigns

·                     community outreach programmes

·                     developing strategies for successful targeted population intervention programmes

·                     school oral health programmes  - training of health care workers and teachers to recognize oral disease and screen their patients/students/pupils and refer them to the dental clinic when necessary


New Areas of Advancement

An area of advancement in this specialty was the successful hosting of an international Periodontology course in January 2013.  The course was the first of its kind in Nigeria and it was attended by Dentists all over the country.  The theme of the course was “Optimising Periodontal Care in Nigeria” and our guest lecturer  was Dr. Philip Ower, a renowned Periodontologist in the UK.  Participants had the privilege of practicing periodontal surgeries on pig’s heads and lectures were delivered on current trends in periodontology.

The Igboora Community Oral Health Care Programme is one of the community oral health outreach programmes established by the Department of Periodontology and Community Dentistry.  This programme was funded by MacArthur Foundation to meet the oral health care needs of the inhabitants of Igboora and its environs which will then translate to better oral health care and their general well being.  It is currently taken over and managed by the Department.

The aim of the programme is to provide oral health care services that will meet the needs of inhabitants of Igboora and its environs thus improving their oral health as well as provide a community oral health care setting for training students.

The objectives of the programme include the following:


·                     To provide baseline data about oral health care needs of the community.

·                     To provide routine dental services/treatment especially for emergency dental disease conditions

·                     To screen for oral health care disease conditions.

·                     To provide oral health education and promotion to various population groups

·                     To provide community oral health care setting for the training of undergraduate students and postgraduate resident doctors in Community Dentistry


The Periodontology Unit  -  Periodontal  surgery to preserve teeth is presently routinely done.  Ultrasonic scalers is presently introduced into the clinic such that undergraduates have a feel of it during their training. 

·                     Didactic and clinical teachings to both undergraduate and postgraduate Dental students

·                     Instructions to Dental students in clinical practice of Periodontology

·                     Provision of oral services at Primary Health Care level in the  Department’s outreach clinics in Idikan, Ibadan and Igboora,  Ibarapa North Local Government of Oyo State.

·                     The Department also conducts planned visits to schools and communities

·                     Research projects are assigned to students in their final year and postgraduate students

·                     Conducting departmental seminars.


Historical Events

Hosting of the first International Periodontology Course in Nigeria.

3.     Future Goals and Prospects

Establishment of a world class periodontal surgical suite and affiliation of the periodontal unit of the Department with some institutions abroad