Prof. Ganiyu O. ARINOLA


                                    PERSONAL STATEMENT:

Personal Statement: I have broad background in Immunology with specific training and expertise in human studies. My focus of research is on immune responses to tropical infections, non-infectious conditions, in babies and during pregnancy. I have also related nutritional status, occupational exposure and social life with immune responses. My present research interest is on DNA methylation, inflammation and microbiomes in cancer patients and those exposed to household air pollution. Host immunological based reasons for vaccine efficacy is also being investigated. I am an Immunologist who is applying Immunological techniques in diagnosis, prognosis and solving health related problems. As a Specialist Adviser Immunologist to Univ. College Hospital, Ibadan, I am involved in training Resident Doctors on rotation to Immunology Unit, render laboratory advice for patients’ care and interpret immunological results on request. 

Curriculum Vitae