Prof. Ayodeji ARIJE


Personal Statement / research focus

My research focus has been in the area of clinico-pathological characteristics of chronic kidney disease in Nigeria with particular reference to chronic renal failure and the problems and management strategies applicable to a developing country like Nigeria.

My earlier publications examined the benefits of short bouts of peritoneal dialysis for patients with advanced uraemia in the pre-haemodialysis days. Following on this, my colleagues and I continued to study the benefits and problems associated with the use of short sessions of haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis techniques in the long term management of chronic renal failure in the Nigerian environment where the budgetary allocation for health is very lean. We have also been able to establish that long term dialysis to sustain patients with CRF is barely feasible in Nigeria, as only less than 10% of the patients are able to sustain dialysis for more than 3 months. Our goal is now to identify ways of prevention of deterioration of renal function in patients with earlier stages of chronic kidney disease.  Our studies on Hypertension (including Research in Progress) have been directed towards early detection and treatment of hypertension in patients who would otherwise have presented in advanced renal failure. Our studies on Diabetic Kidney Disease are also in this line, aiming at defining the magnitude of diabetic nephropathy in our practice and planning appropriate preventive measures for the identified patients. 

The effort to develop an adaptable data protocol for a National Renal Registry is yielding good result as part of the tool being used in our research has been adopted by the Nigerian Association of Nephrology. In the preliminary analysis of data from our study (yet to be published) we have shown that relevant vital information could be made available for auditing and treatment planning in renal disease.

My ultimate goal in research is to highlight areas where we can direct effort to reduce the prevalence and burden of chronic renal failure in our environment.


Curriculum Vitae