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   Personal Statement

I am a Professor of Physiology whose goals are to participate in producing doctors who will be prepared to serve the fundamental purposes of Medicine, to help train doctors who will be able to meet the society’s expectation of them and to help produce medical scientists who will be prepared to meet the research aspirations in Medicine.  I have been involved in these goals for almost forty years since my first appointment as an Assistant lecturer in the department in 1973. My area of specialty is Gastrointestinal, Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology. I am also interested in Medical Education. I have taught all disciplines in Physiology to Medical Students, Basic and Paramedical students over the years.

I have been teaching Postgraduate students for the past thirty four years and I have supervised the research projects of many MSc,  MPhil  and PhD students. I have been head of department for two terms of three and four years respectively during which periods I was Chief examiner for all the categories of disciplines. I have also served two terms as Dean of Faculty from 1998-2002. I have been external examiner in all the Medical Schools in Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.  

I have also participated as an external examiner in West African College of Surgeons 1990-1992; 1996. I have been a Visiting lecturer in the University of Jos and Usmanu Dan Fodio University Sokoto. As a result of my relationship with Duke University Medical Center which is one of the best ten Medical Schools in the United States, I have established a working relationship between my University and Duke University. As a result of this I have sponsored a member of staff in this department to do her Sabbatical in Duke University. I am also concluding the arrangements to establish an academic link between our University of Ibadan and North Carolina Central State University. I can briefly describe myself as a Goal-Focused Physiologist and a highly successful former Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.