Personal Statement/Research focus:


A Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Toxicology in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Ibadan, I have been a teacher in the Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine for over twenty (20) years. I have single-handedly trained and supervised over 100 MSc students in Biochemical/Molecular/Reproductive Toxicology
and I have supervised nine (9) PhD students in the same areas of research. I have published over 100 research papers in my field and recently edited a book titled “Nutritional Antioxidants in Cancer and Degenerative Diseases” with contributors from Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Mauritius, USA, Japan and Denmark. Myresearch interests are on Environmental Toxicology of oil/gas and water; Cancer risk assessment and biomarkers of exposure to environmental toxic chemicals; Molecular mechanisms of toxic chemicals, Cellular oxidative stress mechanisms, Antioxidant pharmacology, Pharmaceutical indications of Nutraceuticals as prophylactic agents, Nutrigenomics
as well as Natural product Biotechnology. I am currently mentoring graduate students and post-doctoral fellows on the Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Chemoprevention by natural products with emphasis on Signal Transduction Network, drawing from my international collaborations and links.



Curriculum Vitae