Prof. Olufemi J. OGUNBIYI


Personal Statement

As an Academic Pathologist and Hospital Consultant, I have been involved in training postgraduate resident doctors and supervising dissertations in different areas of pathology. This has enabled me to direct research areas for younger colleagues as they come up. I have collaborated with other colleagues in their fields.

My preference has been in the fields of Pulmonary, Hepatobiliary and GI cancers as well as Prostatic cancer. The goals of our research are to confirm the genetic, behavioral, and environmental risk factors for prostate and lung cancers among groups of black men from the US, Caribbean, and Africa.

I have been involved in both lung and prostate cancer research both from an epidemiological stand as well as a clinical and basic science standpoint. I observed changing trends in the incidence and prevalence of prostate cancer using data from our population based cancer registry, which I now direct. Along with other collaborators we defined clinical outcomes for patients in our environment, androgen receptor status of prostate cancer tissues from our environment, clinical grades and PSA status of patients with prostate cancer in our environment, and are still looking at survival indices of patients with prostate cancer in Ibadan, Nigeria.

More recently I have become more involved in the issues concerning Cancer Registration and cancer survival studies.

My research activities have been interrupted by administrative responsibilities including commissions to help set up programs in other institutions as indicated in my “other activities and Honors” list.


Curriculum Vitae