DVM, M.V.Sc, Ph.D (Ib.), Cer.Epid; Cert. Comm. Dis. Contro(Atlanta)

Department of Virology



To be internationally recognised for academic excellence through in-depth research and quality of teaching, and to impact positively to its immediate community through effective prevention and control of virus related diseases of human and animals.


The Department is an academic unit of the University, entrusted with the development of manpower equipped with knowledge and skills in the fields of virology. Her mission is to:

  • be actively, visibly and notably involved in research in the fields of medical and veterinary virology.
  • contribute to the national and international medical and scientific literature.
  • develop middle and high level manpower in the field of virology, equipped with skill and knowledge required to address virus related health problems of humans and animals in Nigeria in particular and the world at large.
  • Intellect
  • intellectually and materially enhance its immediate community through relevant research outputs and involvement in projects that are beneficial to Nigeria in particular and the world at large.
  • establish and nurture partnerships with local and international organizations to enhance the positive impact of the Department on the future of the Faculty, University and Nation.