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Institute Of Infectious Diseases

Institute Of Infectious Diseases


                  COLLEGE OF MEDICINE,

                  UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN,

                      IBADAN, NIGERIA.


                      Dr. Olubukola A. ADESINA

                                       (Acting Director)


                                              Vision Statement

     “To serve as a National and Regional Centre of Excellence in Infectious  Disease Researches, Education and Training’’

   “Innovative thinking, Cutting-edge Researches culminating in Quality care’’

The Infectious Disease Institute, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan was founded in 2015 as a national and regional center of excellence in Infectious Disease Research, Education and Training.

The Institute was built on the foundation of HIV treatment, care and support program of the University/University College Hospital, Ibadan. The HIV program, which started in 2002, is one of the centers in the country and has offered HIV care and treatment to over 20,000 adult patients including HIV positive pregnant women through the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission and paediatrics patients.

The Institute will continue to provide HIV/AIDS patients with high quality care and treatment and play a significant role as a referral center within the national referral system both for treatment and innovative researches.

The Institute is endowed with facilities to provide undergraduate and post-graduate medical education in Infectious Disease as well as pre-service training for all cadres of health managers and health care workers.

The Institute aims to promote, support and conduct research including investigator/institution-initiated researches and industry-sponsored studies with the primary role of providing recommendations for development and management of researches.