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  • By / Super Admin
  • Nov 2, 2020


The maiden Community Conversation under the new administration took place on 2 November, 2020. The Provost of the College of Medicine, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, FNAMed. delivered the welcome address after the opening prayer that was led by Professor A.A. Adenipekun. The Provost noted that the community conversation is one of the items on the TOGETHER agenda of the College Administration and it is to be a medium in which views are expressed without reservations.

The Provost explained that TOGETHER is an acronym which stands for the following:

T – Togetherness through community conversation and collaborations

O – Optimizing staff productivity and welfare

G – Getting our students ready for the global stage

E – Espousing an international outlook

T – Teaming up with UCH and other parts of UI for greater impact

H – Harnessing the power of our alumni

E – Enlarging CoMUI’s financial pocket

R – Reaching out to the community

She pointed out that Leadership and Administration are also a core part of the agenda. She pointed out the inauguration of committees, and spoke on some crucial meetings and courtesy visits that had taken place since she assumed office as the Provost of the College of Medicine.

The following suggestions among others were made during the interactive session:

1.      Leadership programmes should incorporate every cadre of staff.

2.      Laboratory technologists should be trained to bring about a good research outlook for the College.

3.      Qualitative research output and knowledge transfer should be incorporated into the College operations in order to enhance collaboration with other institutions.

4.      Social distancing and other preventive measures against COVID-19 should be considered for all staff and students of the College.

5.      Management should encourage all College of Medicine staff to communicate with official e-mail addresses instead of other platforms to enhance institutional integrity and visibility.

At the close of the meeting, the Provost thanked all participants, Management team, College of Medicine Executives, Information Technology Unit and all Administrative Staff in the Office of the Provost for their laudable efforts to move the College forward. Thereafter, she mentioned that more comments and advice would be welcomed. The College-Wide Community Conversation was attended by 126 participants.