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College Medical Education Unit

College Medical Education Unit

About us

The Establishment of College of Medicine Education Unit (College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Prospectus 2012-2014). The Academic Board of the College at the meeting of September 12, 2011 considered the proposal that was recommended to the Senate. The establishment of the Unit was approved by the Senate of the University of Ibadan on October 10, 2011.

Welcome Statement and History

Functions of the CMEU:

Curriculum Development: To coordinate curriculum, review and implementation. This also involves overseeing integration of the Basic and Clinical Sciences with increased emphasis on professional development, problem based and self-directed learning.

Staff Development/Capacity Building

1.     Ensure Faculty development on Pedagogical Skills.

2.   Evidence based assessment methods and integration of technology assisted learning.

Research and Evaluation

To evaluate the impact of new innovations and curricula on Medical Education in the College of Medicine.

Staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching)

Prof. A. A. Odukogbe


Mrs. Olaitan Odedele
Senior Assistant Registrar, CMEU

Mr. A.B. Adelakun

Principal Executive Officer, CMEU

Miss. Dolapo A. Ajao

Secretary, CMEU

Miss. Kemisola G. Ogunsanwo

Lecture Coordinator

Mr. Olufowobi Samuel Babs


Contact Us:

College of Medicine Educational Unit,

Vertical Extension to E. Latunde Odeku Medical Library

College of Medicine,

University of Ibadan

E-mail – medicaleducationunit.college@gmail.com