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Provost Vision

Provost Vision


To work with all staff and students of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s foremost research and training health institution, to provide quality health education that drives the development of effective health systems nationwide.


  • To improve  knowledge generation
    • Increase research output by improving laboratory facilities
    • Improving central grant-seeking mechanism
  • To build additional capacity  in knowledge acquisition
    • Improving teaching, faculty development and mentoring
    • Improving professional competence of non-teaching staff
  • To increase knowledge dissemination of our successes
    • Increasing visibility for College activities
  • To improve application of knowledge economics
    • Increased patenting and industrialization of College processes
  • Ensuring an enabling environment for staff and students
    • Improving welfare for staff and students
      • Promotion/appointment/remuneration/office space matters
      • Improving living conditions in ABH
Provost Vision