Central Animal House is a servicing Unit, under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine. It was basically established to provide experimental laboratory animals for both in-vitro and in vivo research studies for all  biologically oriented  Departments within and outside the University.
Central Animal House is made up of two units namely; the Clinical Unit based at College (U.C.H.} and the pre-Clinical Animal House Unit based in the University main campus. The technically trained staff of the units are involved in giving technical assistance to researchers. postgraduate and undergraduate students.
Both units have served students and scientists tremendously in their biomedical studies and more importantly it also serves other institutions of higher learning outside the university and research centres. The species of experimental laboratory animals currently breed are rats and mice. Within this period in review, the proceeds from the sales of these laboratory animals were used to purchase feeds, drugs, transportation and other miscellaneous items.
To improve our breeding capacity, there is need to replace damaged animal cages and other accessories like water bottles, bungs and nozzles. Presently, animals demand has increased significantly beyond the level of our breeding. We therefore solicit for financial assistance to enable the two units breed animals sufficient to meet up with the ever-increasing demand.

Dr. O.A.  Adaramoye


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