Prof. Adekunle O. GEORGE


A.   Personal Statement/Research Focus

My research interest is in medical dermatology but with emphasis on pigmentry changes in the skin and fibrosing dermatoses. Regarding vitiligo a pigmentary skin disease, we have been able to determine its prevalence and simple/affordable modalities of treatment. The relationship of vitilgo and the eyes as well as the ears have also been looked into.


I have also looked at skin changes that can help in the diagnosis of systemic diseases in blacks at an affordable cost. Towards the latter we have looked at the relevance of linea nigra in Benign prostatic Hyperplasia and Carcinoma of the prostate-the commonest male carcinoma in males in the West African sub-regon. The result have been published and it reains an ongoing research


A study  of malignant melanoma in UCH shows the rarity of this neoplasm in albinism. Data from the cancer registry (pathology), medical records  and radiotherapy department were utilized. Nigeria probably has the second highest prevalence of albinism in the world. It was thus important to check the association of the two conditions in this geographical area.


Herbal drugs have also caught my interest. We have been able to look at some local herbs along with the department of pharmacognosy to determine how useful they are. For example Acalypha wilkensiana -AW (Euphorbiaceae) is a common hedging plant in West Africa. There has been folkloric use in Nigeria of the water extracts of the red –brown variety for decades for the treatment of skin problems including eczema /dermatitis. We have been able to confirm the usefulness of this plant and other common plants in the country.

Still on pigmentry changes, a study was conducted with the chest unit of our Teaching hospital  to find out pigmentry changes in the Tuberculosis .

My emphasis has been on how to use the  skin a very visible segment of the human physiognomy to help in the diagnosis  or as a personal identification tool. In this regard the nail plate shapes and sizes have been studied and the hope is its utilization for identification in banking transactions and in the electoral process. Currently I am collaborating with some researchers across the globe to determine lip prints in various ethnic groupings.

Acne keloidalis is found almost predominantly in black males. Apart from documenting its prevalence in this area, a clinico –pathological study has  been done to help in the  understanding of the  aetiopathogenesis with an aim to produce a useful drug for its treatment


Curriculum Vitae